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Shop Smarter. Revolutionising Retail

How I Started The World’s Most Sophisticated Shopping App
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Music Compatibility Test – Find Your Music Match

How I Started an Online Social Music Platform
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Disrupting Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

How We Built an Endpoint Management Solution
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Connect, Analyze and Predict Your Data

How We Started a No-Code Analytics Platform
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Green Saffron

Indian Sauces, Rice and Chutneys

How I Started a Multi-Award Winning Spice Blends & Sauces Business
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Trick The Mind Into Craving Task Completion

How I Built a To-do List App Based on Cognitive Psychology
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Quick and Nourishing Vegan Meals Delivered To Your Door

How I Started a Vegan Meals Business
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Unleash The Full Potential of Your Creative Team

How I Started a Collaboration Platform For Creative Marketing Teams
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Good Annotations

Take, Edit & Share Screenshots

How I Built a Communication Tool To Annotate & Share Your Screenshots Online
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Combat Flip Flops

Forward Thinking Opportunities For Entrepreneurs Affected By Conflict

How I Grew an E-commerce Company To Support Security In Conflict & Post Conflict Areas
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Replacing Awkward Contact Exchange

How I Started an App To Share All Your Social Media Profiles Using a Single Link
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Table Sage

Locate, Rate and Plate – Experience Excellent Value-Based Dining

How I Started a Restaurant Rating Platform
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Make Any Video Content Shoppable

How We Built AI Solutions For Fashion E-commerce Businesses
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Respond Flow

Send Texts Just Like You Send Emails

How We Started an Automated Text Message Marketing Business
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High-converting Webflow Templates

How We Started a Template Design Business for Bootstrapped Start-ups
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Just Reach Out

Build & Execute Sustainable Long-Term PR Strategy

How We Built Software That Helps People Do Their Own PR
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The Easiest App for Keeping Track of Your Investments In The Companies You Love

How I Started an Investment Tracking App
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Build Long Lasting Knowledge From Your Reading

How I Built a Google Chrome Extension To Read Smarter and Remember More
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Remove Backgrounds Fast & Easily

How I Started an AI-Powered Background Removal Software Business
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Audio Journal To Reduce Burnout & Calm Your Mind

How I Started an Audio Journaling App
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Toy Faces Library

Illustration, 3D Design and Visual Design

How I Created a Library of 3D Avatars For Design Mockups and Commercial Projects
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Book Reading Tracker, Reading Note

How I Created a Mobile App To Give Readers A Long-Lasting Reading Experience
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Bloom Class

Holistic Approach To Education

How I Started a Virtual Education Platform Fostering Growth Mindsets
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Keep Your Content Unique & Protect Your Rankings

How I Built Software to Fight Plagiarism
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Supporting Businesses In Online Marketing Efforts

How I Help Businesses Succeed with Facebook Groups
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Podcast Alarm

Wake Up Inspired and Informed With Your Favourite Podcast

How I Created an App To Set Your Favourite Podcast As Your Daily Alarm
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Convert Simple Photos Into Illustrated Portraits

How We Created an AI Algorithm To Draw Illustrated Portraits
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Home Poker Games On Your Phone

How We Built a Digital Version of a Physical Poker Set
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Your New Productivity Manager

How I Started a Productivity Management Application
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UK Tier 2 Visa Jobs

How I Started a One-Stop Shop Recruitment Platform for UK Tier 2 Visa Jobs
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Bright, Unisex Organic Basics

How I Started a Unisex Children’s Clothing Brand
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Relanote App


Note-taking Tool to Help Connect The Dots

How We Started a Note-Taking App
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Understand, Track and Reduce Your Carbon Impact

How We Built an App To Track and Reduce Your Carbon Impact
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High Quality Ad Design

How I Started a Membership Service Specialising in High Quality Ads For Businesses
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Smart Cannabis Storage System

How We Created a Smart Cannabis Storage System
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Low-Poly Pattern Generator

How I Started a Colour Palette Algorithm For Easy Blog Post Headers
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SEO and Website Engagement Tool

How I Built an Outreach Tool To Help with SEO and Website Engagement
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Live Stream Health and Fitness Platform

How I Started An AI-Based Health And Fitness Platform
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Labor X logo

Labor X

On-Demand Employment Portal

How I Started a Blockchain Based On-Demand Employment Portal
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Fox & Fox

Premium English Sparkling Wine

How We Started an English Sparkling Wines Brand
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El Rayo Tequila Logo

El Rayo

Modern Tequila For Pairing with Tonic

How We Started a Modern Tequila Brand to Pair with Tonic
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KENT Woman Logo

Kent Woman

Sustainable Underwear, Bras and Loungewear

How I Started an Organic Silks and Cotton Basics Brand
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Credit Analysis and Monitoring

How We Started A Next-Generation Credit Analysis and Monitoring Platform
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Sustainable Everyday Use Products

How We Started a Sustainable Business Selling Everyday Use Products
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Quietude Logo

Quietude Store

Independent Gift Shop

How We Started an Independent Gift Shop in the UK’s Second Biggest City
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Sexual Health & Wellness

How We Started A Vegan Sexual Wellness Brand
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Posh Cow Logo

Posh Cow

Flavoured Butters

How We Started a Flavoured Butter Brand Whipped with Natural Ingredients
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Fair-Trade Production, High-Quality Craftmanship

How I Started A Fair-Trade Leather Fanny Pack Company
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The Journey Logo

The Journey

A Smarter Path to Parenthood

How I Started A Science-Based, Evidence Backed Parenthood Platform
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Moo & Boo logo

Moo & Boo

Craft Workshops, Kits And Handmade Home Decor

How I Started a Weaving and Handmade Home Decor Business
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D8 Butter Logo

D8 Butter

Award-winning Premium Date Butters

How I Started an Award Winning Date Butter Brand
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CBD/CBG Wellness Products

How I Started A Successful Luxury CBD and Wellness Brand
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Pep & Lekker logo

Pep & Lekker

Gluten-Free Seed Snacks

How We Started a Successful Vegan & Gluten-Free Seed Snacks Brand
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Feather & Wild Logo

Feather & Wild

Original Artwork and Gifts

How I Started a Creative Business Selling Artwork Inspired by The Lake District
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Artio Skincare Logo

Artio Skincare

Natural, Vegan and Cruelty-Free Skincare

How I Started a Natural, Vegan and Cruelty-free Skincare range for Mum & Baby
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Agnes LDN logo

Agnes LDN

Sustainable Lifestyle Handmade Goods

How I Started a Sustainable Lifestyle Handmade Goods Brand
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Hollie Ellis Design Logo

Hollie Ellis Design

Graphic Design for Female Service-Based Entrepreneurs

How I Started a Graphic Design Business for Female Serviced-Based Entrepreneurs
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Forever Irregular Logo

Forever Irregular

Alternative Art, Jewellery and Home Decor

How I Started an Alternative Art, Jewellery and Home Decor Business
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Fix8 logo

FIX8 Kombucha

Premium Craft-Brewed Kombucha

How We Built a Successful Premium Craft-Brewed Kombucha Business
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Palma Logo

Palma Stationery

Boutique Design and Print

How I Started a Boutique Design and Print Business for the Modern Stationery Lover
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Unifold Logo


Logo and Brand Design

How I Started a Successful Logo and Brand Design Agency
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Goscandi Logo


Interior Decor and Home Accessories

How I Started an Interior Decor and Home Accessories Business
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Antler and Fawn Logo

Antler & Fawn

Natural Soaps, Salts, and Candles

How I Started a Natural Artisan Soaps, Salts and Candles Brand
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