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Hi! Who are you and what business did you start?

Hey, I’m Andrei Bucaciuc and I’m the founder of 8designers.com. 8designers is a membership service that specialises in ad design. We help you increase your conversion rates with high-quality design work!

What is your personal story and how did you come up with the idea?

I’m a designer and have been doing mostly SaaS design for the past couple years remotely. I came up with the 8designers idea initially as a social media service for companies but eventually, we pivoted to doing ad design exclusively.

Andrei Bucaciuc, Founder - 8Designers
Andrei Bucaciuc, Founder – 8Designers

A lot of companies spend time and effort on advertising and on targeting dumping money on Facebook ads with terrible ad designs. So we figured why not offer our design skills as a service. Surprisingly I didn’t find a lot of competitor services offering anything similar.

“If you don’t over-deliver and if the customers are not satisfied they’ll stop using the service.”

What challenges did you face when creating your product/service?

I design and code, so I didn’t have any issues with finishing our beta version of the website and platform. 

We have just launched, so I guess the current focus is on creating a community around our service and scaling up. So, like most startups, I guess our biggest or current challenge is finding clients.

high quality ads, 8designers.com

Who is your target market?

My targeted niche is marketing agencies interested in outsourcing their ad designs, marketing consultants and directly – smaller companies that don’t want to pay a dedicated designer to do the ad design work and use us instead.

high quality ads and banners, 8designers.com
High Quality Ads and Banners, 8designers

How do you market your business and which approaches have been the most successful?

Initially, we launched on Producthunt and Indie Hackers and we got some customers from there. We tried cold emailing, which surprisingly worked to a certain degree.

Now we’re taking things slow but we’re planning to start with paid ads on social media.

Since you launched, what has worked in not only attracting but retaining customers?

Well, we try to deliver high quality design work. If you don’t over-deliver and if the customers are not satisfied they’ll stop using the service. 

Our ticketing system allows us to chat and get direct feedback from the customers so we’re straightforward with communication. We can get direct feedback and in the end, the customer gets what he needs or we just keep redesigning.

Ad Designed By 8Designers.com
Ad Designed By 8Designers.com

What kind of culture exists in your company, and how did you establish it?

There’s no team at the moment, it’s just me. As I scale I hope to bring more designers on but at the moment my plan is to stay remote.

“As much as you want to spin it – success is throwing stuff at walls and seeing what sticks.”

What software, services or tools do you use within your business?

I use Adobe Xd, Photoshop, Illustrator, Slack and Google Drive.

What are the most important lessons have you learned on your business journey?

Be upfront with the customers and don’t waste anyone’s time. If I can do something I make sure it’s done properly, if I can’t I don’t get into it in the first place. We just launched so I’m sure we’ll be making plenty of mistakes and we will learn from them hopefully.

Recent ad Work by 8Designers
Recent Work by 8Designers

What is your favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Building something you can hopefully be proud of.

What is your LEAST favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

The fact that you can try 100 different things and fail in 100 different ways. 

It’s risky and unpredictable and failing is no fun.

Recent ad Work by 8Designers
Recent Work by 8Designers

What books, podcasts or other resources have inspired and influenced your business journey?

I like to read philosophy and self-help crap. I dislike the idea of following influencer and business gurus because most people have no idea what they’re talking about. 

As much as you want to spin it – success is throwing stuff at walls and seeing what sticks. Most influencers are not willing to admit that, and just toot their own horn I guess. As I grow older I have less patience with tolerating crap. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not.

Where do you see your business 2-3 years from now?

If we don’t fail for some reason or another in the next 6 months I, realistically speaking, see 8designers scaling to 5-6 figures/ month. But I’m known to be overly optimistic, so I don’t know. 

Where can people go to find out more about your business?

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