The Rum Inspired By The Tidal Landscape of Jersey

Quick-Fire Questions
with Harry Coulthard,
Co-Founder of Tidal Rum

Golden aged rum infused with Pepper Dulse

Founded in the summer of 2019, Tidal Rum is inspired by the tidal landscape of Jersey and created by a couple of driven shorts boys, who took inspiration from their time growing up by the sea. A golden aged rum infused with oak-smoked Pepper Dulse foraged at low tide in Jersey, co-founders Ben and Harry have developed a blend of four aged golden Island rums from Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic.

Harry Coulthard, Co-Founder of Tidal Rum
Our bottle is quite a complex design and it was imperative that we did not create a plastic-based product.
Harry Coulthard, Co-Founder of Tidal Rum

Hi Harry! Tell us about Tidal Rum and what inspired you to start the business?

Hi! I started Tidal Rum with my friend Ben.

Tidal is a golden aged rum infused with Pepper Dulse seaweed that we forage off the British Coast in Jersey. In form and flavour profile, we aimed to capture the Tidal environment of the British coast and create a rum that is more refined than others within the market. This recent film we shot captures the environment and shows our process.

The Tidal Rum Logo

We met at Manchester University, we both love rum and wanted to see a shift to a refined beginning-of-the-night drink rather than a last drink of the night. 

We both grew up by the coast and love being at sea. We’ve known Kazz who we forage with for a while and we love going out foraging with him, he introduced us to Pepper Dulse seaweed. We initially tried lots of different seaweeds and they all have these really different flavours, but the Pepper Dulse had this amazingly rich and earthy flavour which we loved. It tastes of the sea and takes you back to walking through the rock pools at low tide. 

We see Tidal as a counterpoint to the overly sweetened masculine brands on the market, rum reimagined in a more refined way both in form, flavour and how it is consumed. We recommend Tidal to be drunk neat, on the rocks or as our suggested serve the Tidal Fresh Lime soda. 

Who is your target market?

Tidal appeals to tidal communities around the world, Sailing & Rowing Clubs and seafood restaurants throughout the country. We’ve done well locally, we’re in the Coop, all the major retail groups in the Channel Islands and we’ve seen great support from a lot of wonderful venues. We’ve also seen success in Tidal locations around the UK, from Lyme Regis, to North Norfolk and Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides.

Tidal has also done well inland as a spirit reminiscent of the sea and with online retailers such as Master of Malt.

How do you market your business and what has worked in retaining customers?

We market the business online, through paid ads and printed/online organic press. In terms of retaining customers, getting involved in as many complimentary brand partnerships, supporting venues, and clearly outlining our proposition as an infused golden rum is vital. We attract and retain customers mostly online through our social channels, events and our monthly newsletter.

Could you tell our readers about a particular challenge you faced?

We went through around 50 rums from around the world and a similar amount of sea botanicals. The rum tasting was good fun, some of the botanicals less so!

Our bottle is quite a complex design and it was imperative that we did not create a plastic-based product, but we have some great partners who have helped us along the way.

Tidal Rum

Where do you see Tidal Rum in 2 – 3 years time?

The plan for the next year is to make better connections with other tidal locations across the UK. 

We are experimenting with different products. Ideally, we would have our own smokehouse but at the moment we are happy with how everything is going.

Where can people go to find out more about your business?

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