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With Sacha Schellevis,
CEO and Founder of My Travel Tracker

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My Travel Tracker – the digital journal and social travel app that allows you to share your adventures, save your favourite locations on your personal world map with pins, photos and videos and expand your bucket list exploring different travel stories.

Sacha first had the idea in September 2017 whilst backpacking in Sri Lanka, having a drink in a bar in Kandy. After a long journey, and a planned launched during the pandemic (which inevitably caused delays!), the app launched on both the App Store and Google Play in December 2020.

Sacha Schellevis, CEO and Founder of My Travel Tracker
Sacha Schellevis, CEO and Founder of My Travel Tracker
My Travel Tracker was really something I missed whilst on a trip, a social platform only about travelling. Where you can create, meet, save, share, connect, recommend and most importantly, be inspired by fellow travellers.”
Sacha Schellevis, CEO and Founder of My Travel Tracker

Hi Sacha! Tell us about My Travel Tracker and what inspired you to start the business?

Hi! I was backpacking Sri Lanka with my ex-boyfriend. Around the third day, we went for a drink in a bar in Kandy, and there was a fellow backpacker sitting at the table next to us who seemed to know a lot about the country.

We started chatting and I invited him to join us for a drink. He was talking about this safari park that wasn’t well known yet but that we would miss out if we didn’t go there. He couldn’t recall the name of the park and spent minutes searching on Google, and Google maps. That’s where I had my first eureka moment. What if there was an app that tracks all your travels and where you can pin your favourite spots with photos and videos on your personal map? So you’ll never have this problem again. From that point on, the ideas for MTT, and my love for travel started to flow and combine to the app that we have today.

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Who is your target market?

Mainly millennials who travel, bloggers, backpackers, city hoppers, vanlifers, luxury travellers etc. I designed the app with a lot of social features that already exist on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. So the app will be easiest to use for them. 

One of the jewels of New Zealand, Lake Pukaki
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How have you marketed the business to date and what has been the most successful?

I haven’t started any big promotions yet so I can first listen to users’ feedback on a smaller scale. But we will promote through large travel Facebook groups (over 60M followers in total) that are owned by the marketing team. And then of course Facebook ads and travel influencers.

How has your journey been to get where you are today?

It has been an extremely long journey, it was a bit of a rollercoaster! September 17th 2017, was when I first got the idea and the app was reviewed by Apple and Google in December 2020 … really it is unbelievable! have learned so incredibly much. I actually never studied and left highs chool after my baccalaureate (VWO+) to work in hospitality and save money. My ultimate goal was to travel and discover different cultures.

What is one piece of advice you would give to future founders?

If you have a business idea you believe in. Just start. Even if you have no experience in the field. I didn’t! In our era, we can really find everything on the web. Don’t wait for other people to join you if you can’t find them. Just start, make mistakes and learn from them.

Where do you see MTT in 2 – 3 years time?

For at least the next years, I think we will be continuously building, improving and adding onto the app. There are so many things you can do with a travel app, honestly, the list is endless, as are my ideas! But first, and most importantly, we want to make sure that our users have the best experience so the next big step is listening to feedback.

In the longer term, I would love to expand my team and offer job opportunities in the future. Having a group of dedicated people who are just as motivated to the app as I am would be incredible!

Where can people go to find out more about your business?

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